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  • Shine


    I haven't blogged for quite some time, but our family has been very busy. Since we arrived home from our 4 month stay in Nicaragua, we have invested much time and love into our 2 new children. Now our family of 7 children (also twin grandchildren born in 2014!) is complete and moving ahead quite nicely. In the midst of all of this, we bought and renovated a 1925 brick church building. This beautiful building, complete with stained glass windows and a bell tower, needed some attention to save it. The project is complete and this historical landmark serves as my husband's office and my studio!

    In the midst of all this change, my artwork has expanded. Our latest series is dear to my heart. The title of the series is "Shine." The purpose of these pieces is to help orphans around the world. With our connections to missionaries in countries such as Nicaragua, China and Korea, we will use photos sent to us as a platform to create original pieces of artwork. A portion of the proceeds from each piece will go to help fund the great work that they do!