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  • Venice, Italy

    Winter is alway a time of creating new  artwork.  I find the time enjoyable as it's free from the pressure of shows and deadlines. This year marks a new season.  My husband and I just finished a short vacation to Venice, Italy.

    I found myself inspired by the age of the architecture and the beauty of the calming waterways.  People had walked these stone paths for over 1200 years and many of the buildings have remained unchanged for 800 years.  As a citzen of the United States,  the oldest areas of our country is just over 200 years old.  It is fascinating to imagine the ingenuity of the beginnings of this wonderful city.  

    The Venicians welcome visitors, although their everyday life is very much interrupted by the millions of tourists each year.  The locals seem very aware that the intrigued vacationers supply a healthy economy to this accient city.  Although in some ways, this creates a sort of play-acted recreation of the days-gone-by. This reinactment is seen in the touristic gondola rides and paper mache masks on kiosk after kiosk advertising the masquarade ball. At the same time, it also preserves the charm of one of the most unique cities in all of the world. 

    I have begun working on a series of pieces to capture my reactions to this beautiful place.